Designer Trade Program

Calling all tradespeople, who decorate homes and office spaces! I am opening my calendar for FREE 30 minute consultations with professionals who need to order custom throw pillows for an upcoming project or space refresh. I am accepting orders for delivery in February and March 2024, but spaces are very limited.  



Some benefits of working with Rest Simple for your next project:

🧾 Exclusive industry pricing on all our pillows (eg. automatic 15% discount on all products, free shipping, free personal delivery within the Greater Toronto Area)

🧵 Free fabric swatches - you can also request cuttings for approval if you'd like to see the exact fabric piece we'll be using

🛒 Easy ordering - Once we confirm specifications with you, a quote will be drawn up for you to approve and purchase. We will send an email with the tracking information as soon as your order is ready and has shipped.

📏 Streamlined process - Instead of dealing with all the little mundane sub-tasks of getting custom pillows made, which really add up, ordering from us simplifies the process, saving you time and hassle so that you can focus on actually designing. Here are some of the things you can get off your plate: calculating how much fabric you need, dealing with yardage minimums, ordering the fabric, tracking the fabric order, coordinating with a workroom, dealing with fabric flaws, managing and organizing multiple invoices and bookkeeping entries for a single pillow.

No minimums - No more having to deal with 2+ yard minimums, when you just need one pillow in a particular fabric. This means less hassle, less waste and more money saved.

🎨 Additional customization options - Our pillows are made in very small quantities due to their handcrafted nature, so if you'd like to customize them further, perhaps in a particular size that's not already listed in the online shop, choose a different backing, or maybe add piping around the edges, you can let Jonika know what you have in mind and we'll get back to you promptly with a quote.



Use the Calendly widget below to book your consultation today! Click to pick a date and time that fits your schedule: